Development process


Build a new factory area, readjust the layout of the factory area, and introduce imported machine-added suction testing equipment to improve product production efficiency and quality assurance capabilities.
Introduce high-end quality system management talents and strengthen quality control.


Jinzhou Lite Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

A professional management team with key management personnel trained from R & D to various departments has been established.
The localization of imported hydraulic components and the performance and advancement of customized hydraulic system products have been highly recognized by customers.


Jinzhou Litte Cylinder Pump Valve Hydraulic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Pumps, valves, as the main body of the industrial chain formation, the company towards a more professional systematic supporting services in-depth.


Jinzhou Engineering Hydraulic Parts Factory

Lite hydraulic predecessor, involving construction machinery and coal machinery industry.


Jinzhou Hydraulic Parts Factory

After the restructuring of Jinzhou Hydraulic Parts Factory in 1993, Li Zong, the founder of our company, established the company.