GCJX series multi-way directional valve products

Uses and FeaturesGCJX series construction machinery with multi-way valve, the performance is completely equivalent to the German Rexroth SM12, SM18, SM25 multi-way valve. The valve body adopts a cast oil passage and a sheet structure, which has the advantages of small size, large flow, small pressure loss, high integration, small operating force, and compact structure. And according to different user requirements, any combination into a multi-way valve for different purposes. There are two control modes: manual and hydraulic control.This series of multi-way reversing valve is composed of inlet valve body (with safety valve), standard reversing valve body and return valve body. Can be single pump and multi pump oil supply, mainly suitable for small excavators, loaders, cranes, truck cranes, drilling rigs and other construction machinery, the valve can control up to 10 working institutions, to meet the requirements of the majority of users. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)1531.57022031.515023231.53002 

Multi-way reversing valve HCD66Y-G20L-6T-6C-6C

Uses and FeaturesThe valve is a sheet structure, small size, beautiful appearance, good versatility, small internal leakage, not easy to leak, reliable work, the steady-state characteristics and transient characteristics of the safety valve, and has a variety of slide valve function. The valve is mainly used in engineering machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, oil mining machinery and other mechanical hydraulic systems. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)2031.51003 

Multi-way reversing valve HCD4O-G15L-T-C-C

Uses and FeaturesHCD4 multi-way directional valve is a new type of hydraulic component with advanced performance, which is designed and developed by our factory using foreign engineering machinery hydraulic system. The combination of manual reversing valve as the main body is mainly used in the hydraulic system of construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, petroleum mining machinery and other machinery. Change the direction of oil flow, adjust the working pressure of the system, and realize the centralized control of multiple actuators.The valve has a common oil inlet and outlet, which can form a series and parallel oil circuit. It has the advantages of simple structure, good versatility, small internal leakage, not easy to leak, reliable operation, and good steady-state and transient characteristics of the safety valve. And has a variety of slide valve function. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)1531.5803 

Integral multi-way directional valve LT-M45-6Y-6T

Uses and FeaturesLT-M45 series multi-way directional valve, is my company to absorb and digest foreign advanced multi-way directional valve technology based on the development of advanced performance products. Mainly used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal machinery, agricultural machinery in the hydraulic system.The valve is an integral structure, small size, high pressure, large flow, one to six to choose from, can return oil, can also be used across the bridge, is the ideal product of the host localization. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)1031.5453 

Crane on-board valve LTSCD-00-F

Uses and FeaturesThe valve has two oil inlet ports and two common oil outlet ports, which can realize the purpose of supplying the combined flow of the winding actuator. It has the advantages of simple structure, good versatility, small internal leakage, not easy to leak, reliable operation, and good steady-state and transient characteristics of the safety valve. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)1831.51202 

LT-M7-LG-00 series truck crane car multi-way reversing valve

Uses and FeaturesLT-M7-LG-00 full load-sensitive proportional multi-way directional valve is a newly designed boarding control valve for domestic cranes above 25T. The valve has the characteristics of good controllability, high pressure, large flow and reliable performance. The most prominent advantage is its excellent full load-sensitive feedback function, which can realize stepless proportional speed regulation and is not affected by external load changes, so that the control accuracy of the crane can be improved in an all-round way. Using a flow distribution system independent of load pressure, if a flow shortage occurs in the system, I .e. the oil pump cannot provide enough flow to satisfy each actuator, the speed of each actuator will be reduced proportionally and no actuator will stop working. The valve uses the spool stroke limit, so that the working oil port according to the load conditions to adjust the size of the required flow, so you can reduce the energy loss to a minimum, LT-M7-LG-00 the full load sensitive proportional multi-way directional valve is the current energy saving ideal product. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)28352802 

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