LTYS150 liquid drive high pressure water pump series products

Uses and FeaturesThe hydraulic high-pressure water pump is a converter, which can convert hydraulic power into power for conveying other media, which is manifested as flow and pressure. LTYS150 pump is very compact, all components are integrated in a unit, the product is suitable for construction machinery and coal machinery high pressure water system. Performance parametersMaximum effluent flowMaximum water outlet pressureResistance to maximum water temperatureMaximum output powerMaximum suction heightSuction water supply pressure range150L/min9Mpa70℃22.5kw3m-0.3~10bar 

Variable pump A11VO145

Uses and Features● Swash plate structure axial piston variable pump for open circuit hydraulic transmission●Mainly used in the field of construction machinery● The pump is under self-priming conditions, the fuel tank is pressurized or works with a booster pump (centrifugal pump)● Can provide a variety of variable mechanism for different control and regulation functions● Power control can be set externally even when the machine is running● The pump can have a through shaft drive to hold a gear pump or an axial piston pump of the same specification (100% through shaft drive)● The output flow is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can be steplessly changed between the maximum and zero Performance parametersVariable pump A11VOFor open systemsSpecification 40 · · · 260Series 1Nominal pressure 350barPeak pressure 400bar 

Integral multi-way directional valve LT-M45-6Y-6T

Uses and FeaturesLT-M45 series multi-way directional valve, is my company to absorb and digest foreign advanced multi-way directional valve technology based on the development of advanced performance products. Mainly used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal machinery, agricultural machinery in the hydraulic system.The valve is an integral structure, small size, high pressure, large flow, one to six to choose from, can return oil, can also be used across the bridge, is the ideal product of the host localization. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)1031.5453 

Drilling rig integrated main valve XZJ-A

Uses and FeaturesXZJ combined multi-way directional valve is a new generation of tunnel drilling rig valves independently developed by our company. The valve has comprehensive functions and simple operation, and has a qualitative improvement over the multi-way valve of the previous generation tunnel drilling rig. The valve has three operating handle rods, only two of which are used for daily operation, and the third one is used for unloading drill pipe, testing and other working conditions. The valve even misoperation will not bring danger, high safety. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)2531.52002 

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