Congratulations to Yu Ze and Tian Chuyuan of the Technology Department for winning the title of "Gold Medal Master and Appoint" Innovation Award by Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions.


   A few days ago, Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions issued a "Notice on the Selection Results of the 2022 Jinzhou" Gold Medal Master and Appoint "Innovation Award. Our company's masters and apprentices Yu Ze and Tian Chuyuan won the title of" Gold Medal Master and Appoint. A total of 31 pairs of masters and apprentices in the city won this honor.

The establishment of the "gold medal master and apprentice" innovation and efficiency award reflects the Jinzhou Federation of trade unions adhere to the work concept of development first, employee oriented and innovation as the soul, and deeply implement the development strategy of talent priority development and innovation driven development, and cultivate and bring up a group of workers with reasonable age structure, high comprehensive quality, good professional ethics and professional skills in various industries of the city, Gradually solve the problem of high-tech and high-skilled talents fault.

In order to ensure that the selected personnel meet the requirements of the superior, after screening layer by layer, the leaders at all levels of the company finally voted to decide that Yu Ze and Tian Chu Yuan of the technical and technological department, as representatives of the company, participated in the "gold medal master and apprentice" selection.



       In April 2019, the company set up a development team with Yu Ze and Tian Chu Yuan as the core. Through a large number of market research and design basis collection, the company participated in large-scale construction machinery exhibitions, formulated the research and development plan of integrated multi-functional pressure reducing valve block, and gradually carried out the product drawing design and product process flow, then analyzed the product process and developed its tooling. In the process of product processing, Yu Ze and Tian Chu Yuan follow up, measure and check the whole process to ensure the accuracy of parts and drawings. After the workers are assembled, the static test of the hydraulic test bench is carried out. Yu Ze and Tian Chu Yuan carry out follow-up guidance, check and analyze its indicators with the design objectives, record its performance data, and ensure that all indicators meet the national standards.




After mass production of this product, it has reached the advanced status of similar products in the international technology field, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of similar products in the international market, optimizing the structure of export products, expanding export capacity, and increasing the amount of foreign exchange.

This product was patented in October 2019 and received a patent grant announcement in July 2020.

"Talent is the first resource, innovation is the first power." Our company will continue to improve the "gold medal master and apprentice" training plan, constantly explore new methods and new ways to train skilled talents for enterprises, and continue to promote the construction and reform of the industrial worker team. we will strive to build a team of industrial workers who have ideals and faith, understand technology, innovation, and dare to take responsibility and dedication.



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