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Drilling rig integrated main valve ZMZJ-00

Uses and FeaturesZMZJ combined multi-way directional valve is my company for the domestic full hydraulic tunnel drilling rig design and development of products. The valve is the first for the full hydraulic tunnel drilling rig hydraulic system integration products. The valve can optimize the complex pipeline in the original hydraulic system, and the host structure is more compact. The valve has compact structure, good fretting performance, low pressure loss, high efficiency of the host system, can realize centralized control, and is more convenient to operate. The valve for the mine under the operation to do the optimization design, in order to eliminate the influence of the working condition environment on the hydraulic valve, our company will ZMZJ-00 designed as a protective combination of multi-way valve, can make the working condition of the environment on the hydraulic system cleanliness to a minimum. ZMZJ-00 multi-way directional valve has obtained the national invention patent. Performance parametersPath(mm)Nominal pressure(Mpa)nominal flow(L/min)Allowable back pressure(Mpa)2531.52502